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  • BlackBerry 9900 Bold 5

    BlackBerry 9900 Bold 5

    The BlackBerry 9900 Bold is ultra-fast, ultra-chic and ultra-light, boasting... from ₦18000.00
  • BlackBerry Z10

    BlackBerry Z10

    BlackBerry Z10 is a smartphone in a league of its own. BlackBerry... from ₦27500.00
  • Apple iPhone 6 16GB

    Apple iPhone 6 16GB

    Apple has unveiled two new iPhones, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the... from ₦140000.00


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The Period of Lent: Fasting and its health benefits The act of fasting is primarily a willing act of abstinence, or if you like, reduction from some certain food items, drink, or both for a period of time. Some people fast for health purposes, more

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