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What is PriceCheck?

The future of price comparison. PriceCheck is SA's leading shopping comparison. The fastest and most relevant shopping search engine in South Africa is now also available in Nigeria. We provide you with the unique ability to compare products like for like. We’re an online destination with trusted brand names and credible vendors (all purchases are made on the retailers' websites).

Why should I use PriceCheck?
Love shopping online?
Love comparing the biggest variety of products?
Love purchasing from trusted retailers?
Love saving money?
If you answered ‘yes’, you should use PriceCheck!

I want to register with PriceCheck to use all the cool tools available (like leaving reviews, adding favourite products, setting PriceWatches, etc) What does it cost?

Nothing, zip, zero! It's free! Just click on the Login/Register link at the top of the home page and follow the instructions.

Can I purchase any items from PriceCheck?

No. We provide a place for you to compare products and shops and find one that suits you best. We send you off to a reliable and trusted retailer so you can shop to your heart's content.

I cannot find the product that I am looking for.

It could be that we don't list the item you are looking for. We might in the future so keep on checking. You can also try to locate the item by browsing in the appropriate category. How about trying to broaden your search? So, instead of typing "Canon EOS 1234D Black Super-Zoom Digital Camera", try searching for just "Canon EOS".

What is an offer?

An offer is a product that is for sale. So you can search for one product, and find many offers from different shops. Sometimes a shop can even have more than one offer for a particular product.

How do I know if a product is in stock?

When viewing a product, click on the shop's logo or See Offer button in the Offers section. This will take you to the shop's website. Not all shops display their stock-levels on their websites, so the best option is to contact the shop directly.

How do I make payment?

All our listed shops offer various methods of payments which will be displayed on their website. Where possible we also display shops' payment methods.

When will I receive my goods?

This depends on the shop's delivery methods.

What do I do if I receive goods damaged or broken in transit?

You need to contact the shop you purchased the product from directly. Most couriers will ask you to check the product in their presence. If the product is damaged, send it back with the courier without signing for it.

What do I do if I wish to return something I purchased?

You need to contact the shop you purchased the product from directly.

What is the cost of delivery?

It depends on the delivery method, but most of our shops display their delivery costs on their website.

Will my payment be secure?

We expect all our shops to have secure payment gateways for online credit card payments.

What do I do if a product I purchased is faulty, needs replacement parts or repairs?

Please contact the shop you bought the product from or the relevant manufacturer. Shop contact details can be found in the Shop Directory.

I would like to purchase a product but the price is not as low as I'd like. Can I monitor the price to see if it drops?

That's exactly why we created Price Watches. When viewing a product, you have the option to setup a price watch. When the product's price reaches the amount you are prepared to pay for it, we'll notify you by email.

Where can I find more information about the shop I wish to purchase from?

Selecting the Shop Directory link on the home page will display all the shops listed on PriceCheck. Selecting a shop will open a dedicated page displaying the shop's contact details, ratings, payment methods as well as all their offers currently listed on PriceCheck.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with payment or delivery of my purchase?

Please contact the shop directly.

Do my product and/or shop reviews have to be positive?

We prefer honesty. We believe in freedom of speech and other users reading reviews need to be aware of both positive and negative points.

How frequently are prices updated?

Prices are updated regularly. Some daily and others twice-weekly.

What is included in the price?

The price we display on PriceCheck is the purchase price of the product. Delivery fees are not included, but these can be found on most of our listed shops' websites.

Why does the price on PriceCheck differ from the price listed on the shop's website?

Occasionally shops change their product prices before they get updated on PriceCheck. The price will be corrected when the shop sends updated information to PriceCheck.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

As a member you become part of the PriceCheck community which means you can write product and shop reviews, upload product photos and videos, become a fan of a product and set price watches.

Does PriceCheck vet shops before listing them?

Yes, we have strict acceptance criteria for shops.

FAQs - Advertisers

How can I advertise on PriceCheck?

Navigate to our Contact Us section and send us a mail for further details. We promise to respond if you ask us nicely.

What are your advertising rates?

It all depends on the position on the page and some other things. But, to get the full picture, contact us and we'll send our rate card on to you.

FAQs - Shops

What criteria must I meet to become a listed shop on PriceCheck?

As long as you sell products online via your website and have a shopping cart, you qualify to become a much coveted PriceCheck merchant.

I want to list my products on PriceCheck, but I do not have shopping cart software on my website. Can I list my products?

Generally, no. We try and encourage everybody to become a part of the amazing world of ecommerce, and providing our users with immediate "add-to-cart" and "checkout" functionality is one of the ways we do this.

What is your Trusted Shop program?

To increase online shoppers’ confidence in our listed merchants, we've implemented a trusted shop program.

What are the benefits of being a Trusted Shop?

We'll display a Trusted Shop logo next to your offers and this will give shoppers an indication that they can trust you. Additionally, when displaying our offer list for a particular product, your Trusted Shop status will be taken into account when ordering the offers.

How do I become a Trusted Shop?

Quite simple really. You just have to get a tick for each of these:

  1. Be listed with PriceCheck for at least 6 months.
  2. Be a registered company.
  3. Have a secure payment gateway which provides encryption for credit card payment - if you accept credit cards, that is.
  4. Display all available payment methods (EFT, Credit Cards (+ which ones), PayPal, etc).
  5. Display both refund & returns policy, and shipping methods.
  6. There must be a visible contact method available on the website.
  7. Shop to supply correct product information, e.g. prices, payment methods and shipping/courier fees

Who decides if I qualify as a Trusted Shop?

Our qualifications team will analyse the criteria above for your shop and determine if you qualify as a Trusted Shop. Fingers crossed.

How do I list my products on PriceCheck?

It's pretty easy to list your products on PriceCheck - it's only dependent on the type of shopping cart you use. If you have a popular shopping cart like osCommerce, VirtueMart, Magento, etc. we can provide you with a simple plugin that will generate product information in XML. We'll then import the XML and get your products listed.

If you have a custom-built cart, you'll need to create XML to our specification. Our team will provide this for you on request.

How long will it take before my products are listed on PriceCheck?

Depending on the size of your catalogue and quality of your data, it can take anything from 24 to 72 hours. It really makes a big difference to us whether you have good quality data. We'll always prioritise the initial listing of products that have good quality information.

What does it cost to list my products on PriceCheck?

There is absolutely no cost involved in simply listing your products on PriceCheck, you only pay a fee for every click that directs a user to your website.

How do I report a technical problem?

Navigate to our Contact Us section and drop us a line.

How do I monitor my click through rates and sales on PriceCheck?

We will send you detailed reports on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. You'll also be able to log in to our Shop Administration System at any time to have a look at your stats.


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